Kenny, Ulric & Dannie from The Catalysts
The first ever live performance by The Happy Couple in Roy's living room
The Happy Couple on the decks at
How Does It Feel To Be Loved? in London
Roy Moller, accompanied by Andy, Stef & Mark

Thursday, September 5th, 2002 saw the launch party of the first release by the Félicité Singles Club. The venue was the Brain Klub in Braunschweig where Tom & Jane started to go in 1998. They went there every Thursday to Bruder Zabel's Rumpelkiste sitting on the sofa and, though just friends, called themselves The Happy Couple, complaining about the music and dreaming of starting something different. Ironically, they started their new era by DJing on their final Thursday visit at a concert by their first signing, Les Aspirateurs. This was The Sound Of Young Brunswick.

Things soon developed and, having recruited three fascinating artists from Great Britain, it was clear that they should hold their second launch event over there. After a warm up DJing in London at How Does It Feel To Be Loved together with Harvey Williams (who not only made one of their favourite records but was also a wonderful host, putting them up in his house) The Happy Couple flew to Glasgow where their warmly received DJ set accompanied wonderful performances by Roy Moller and The Catalysts at a happening in Nice'N'Sleazys on June 21, 2003 called The 2.4 Hour Technicolour Dream.

nice painting by Caroline Sundholm from Swedish fanzine "Coming Up Roses"
Garcon Benoit
of Les Aspirateurs
The Happy Couple live at the Marsh Marigold 15th Anniversary Festival in Hamburg, accompanied by Katja, Ben Schadow and Timo
"in my technicolour dreams I see you and I see me"