Sixtynine And The Continuous People are from Italy. Obsessed with Television Personalities' music, they formed in late 1998 and started to play reverb drenched, tremolo laden, fuzzed out and speeded up versions of Daniel Treacy's little works of art.

While their live approach remains unchanged to date, after a few compilation tracks their studio sound started to move into more jingly-jangly and intimist territories and they started to write their own songs.

"I Can't Hear You (Anymore)" is a Continuous People original. "Shadows That Haunt Me" is an unreleased Television Personalities song, performed only once by Dan Treacy at a solo acoustic live gig in 1988.

By the way, he digs us as well: "The Felicite singles look beautiful", says Dan.
"I Can't Hear You (Anymore)" b/w "Shadows That Haunt Me"
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